Tourism in Maharashtra is flourishing because most the tourists are flocking to Panchgani. When you take a Panchgani tour you will be able to see various attractions. These places to see in Panchgani include table land, parsi point, Dhom dam, Devil’s kitchen and many more. If you want to get a good view of Panchgani tourism then you need to make sure that you visit all the places, especially the view points.

There are various Panchgani hotels where you can stay for the duration of your trip, in fact, the place has hotels to suit every type of traveller and every budget. One of the best points in Panchgani is the Sydney point. This point is situated on top of the Krishna Valley. The distance of this point from Panchgani is around 2 kilometres. You can either take a bus which is provided by the Panchgani tourism or you can take a car up to the point.

You can see the entire Dhoom Dam, Pandavgarh and Mandardevi from this point. The Sydney Point Panchgani is something which shouldn’t be missed for anything. The sight of the lush green valleys and the entire town of Panchgani surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes is a sight not worth missing.

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