Sep 26, 2019

Tourism in Darjeeling is aimed at getting those travellers who like to spend their holidays in oblivion, un-noticed the entire time, who get to enjoy their holidays in peace without staying in a crowded place.

There might be many tourist places in Darjeeling but sometimes travellers simply prefer staying in the main town of Darjeeling. For those tourists Darjeeling chowrasta is like home for them. Not only will you get good places to eat, you can even spend your time sitting on the benches here or you can event visit the chowrasta market. You can even get pony sides at the chowrastaDarjeeling.

The best way to explore this place is to stay at a hotel near chowrasta and to explore this place on foot every day. You might even come up with new things every day. The road here is different compared to the Behala chowrasta but the concept more or less remains the same. You could also check out other tourist places in Darjeeling but nothing really beats staying in the place and looking at the different activities going on everywhere and exploring the place. Plus you even get the wonderful view of the snow capped mountains as your back drop.

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